Next-Generation Mobile Platforms

Building Runtime Mobile and Sensor Platforms for Mobile Sensing Applications

I envision smartphones as a central gateway forming a personal sensor network dynamically incorporating sensors and wearable devices. A major challenge for resource management is to simultaneously support concurrent mobile sensing applications under highly scarce and dynamic resources in such environments. To overcome this, I build novel runtime platforms for resource management of mobile sensing applications on smartphones and sensor devices.

Resource optimization and coordination of concurrent mobile sensing applications

As diverse, useful sensing applications are emerging, a smartphone will concurrently serve more of them, accompanying a conventional foreground application. Such concurrent workloads will raise an unprecedented challenge, incurring severe resource contention on resource-scarce smartphones. The contention is aggravated due to the continuous and heavy CPU consumption of individual sensing applications to process high-rate sensor data. We develop a novel sensing flow execution engine for concurrent mobile sensing applications.



Cooperative context monitoring platform for continuous sensing applications

Many users are reluctant to run continuous sensing applications applications; they incur significant energy consumption and take up computational resources, potentially disrupting other common uses of the smartphones. We develop a novel cooperative ambience monitoring platform. It automatically finds cooperators in situ and initiates the cooperation in a way that either enhances its energy capacity or extends its sensing modalities.


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      • PCT Patent Pending. Application No. PCT/KR2013/004335. (Application Date: May 16, 2013)


Active Resource Orchestration Framework for PAN-scale Sensor-rich environments

Incorporating diverse sensing devices connected to a mobile phone, the platform will serve as a common base to accommodate personal context-aware applications. A major challenge for the platform is to simultaneously support concurrent applications requiring continuous and complex context processing, with highly scarce and dynamic resources. To address the challenge, we build a system that actively coordinates applications’ resource uses over the distributed mobile and sensor devices.